Concord / agreement –subject / verbs –c / a – s/v Tije


Concord / agreement is an agreement between the S with the V in any correct tenses        ( present or past)


Exam: an Ox is a strong animal (singular)

           Oxen are strong animals (plural)


Rules of concord are:                         Þ singular / plural verbs

1.      S + of noun

            Along with                               The effect of the pollution have bad impactsto the

            Accompanied by         noun     suroundings.

            As long as

            As well as

           Together with


The man together with his father is getting angry.

The men together with his father are getting angry


2. someone / anyone /everyone / noone               singular verbs

someone is knocking at the door now.


1.      all

both            of plural nouns               plural verbs



each            of plural nouns               singular verb


e-g : all of the children are happy


each          of the children is happy



but: noone of the sugar is bitten (uncountable)


4. No + singular . uncountable                      singular verb


   No + plural                                                 plural verb  

No money here is imiated


No children are going to stay here



5 Uncountale Noun                         singular verb

Water is eisential for life      (but)   Two glasses of water are not enough for me.


5.      Trousers, shorts, binoculars, scales, pyjamas, sandals, shes, tweerers

Tongs, ayeglasses, scissors, jeans, pliers, pants                                         plural


My trousers are already faded and old.

But : A pair of trousers is very expensive.



6.      news, measles, mumps, means, acoustics, athletics, ethics, darts, billiards,     singular

biliards, bowls,dominoes, gymnastics.


The news makes us very glad.


8. mathematics, economics, physics, statistics, politics       singular (academic disciplines)


Politics is very popular at this university.

But:  My politics are not so smart as yours.


9.      Indicating group of animals / people.

A flock of birds / sheep

A herd of cattle / elephants

A school of fish                                      singular

A pride of lions

A pack of dogs

A troupe of gypsies


10. congress, jury, club, organization, government, group, family, team,       singular or

committee, majority, class, crowd, public, army, minority                       plural


The majority . minority believes that we are safe

The majority . minotiry of the students believe that we are safe

The class is already painted white

Tthe class are sad due to their captain. (siswa/I di kelas itu)


9.      Anumber of children = plural

The number of shildren = singular

uncountable and Uncountable             singular

Sugar and tea is expensive here.


10.        Collecting (gerund) stamps is my hobby.


11.  Twenty five dollars                                  Ten dollars is not enough for us

Ten kilometres

Five hours                         singular   

Three minutes




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